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Canadiens face higher expectations after offseason moves

9 hours ago 3

Sportsnet: Canadiens face higher expectations after offseason moves

Unknown 9 hours ago 3 Zoom conference: Julien

Unknown 4 days ago 56:31 5

Sportsnet: Why Canadiens dealing Domi was not personal, ‘more of a hockey move’

Unknown 6 days ago 0

Sportsnet: Canadiens’ Julien loving all the new additions made by GM Marc Bergevin

Unknown 6 days ago 2:50 1

Sportsnet: Is it playoffs or bust for Julien's Canadiens after productive offseason?

Unknown 6 days ago 1:37 0 Tyler Toffoli answers fan questions on Twitter

Unknown 6 days ago 3:19 0

Sportsnet: Kotkaniemi’s emergence in playoffs helped Canadiens deal Domi

Hockey Central Hockey Central Oct 19 2:43 0 If the home opener were to take place today...

Unknown Oct 15 1:53 0 Brendan Gallagher on his contract extension

Unknown Oct 15 34:04 0 Marc Bergevin on extending Brendan Gallagher

Unknown Oct 15 41:50 1

Sportsnet: Gallagher happy to sign extension as Canadiens continue to add key pieces

Unknown Oct 15 4:52 0

Sportsnet: GM Bergevin gets emotional when talking about Gallagher’s worth to Canadiens

Unknown Oct 15 1:26 1

Sportsnet: Canadiens going all in with locking up Gallagher, Anderson and Toffoli

Good Show Good Show Oct 15 1:53 0

Sportsnet: Gallagher and Canadiens get long-term contract extension done

Unknown Oct 15 3:30 0 Gallagher's message to fans after signing a new deal

Unknown Oct 14 0:28 0

Sportsnet: Canadiens bolster depth and balance with offseason moves

Unknown Oct 14 0 Marc Bergevin on signing Tyler Toffoli

Unknown Oct 13 24:51 2

Sportsnet: Bergevin considers Canadiens competitive, not ‘all in’ on season

Unknown Oct 13 0:53 1 Tyler Toffoli on his new contract with Montreal

Unknown Oct 13 20:09 1

Sportsnet: Toffoli brings championship pedigree to young Canadiens club

Unknown Oct 13 0:56 0

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